About Us

Our Mission 

The mission of the Blue Ridge School of Massage and Yoga is to provide the very best in holistic health education in the art and science of therapeutic massage. We strive to provide an environment supportive of personal wellness, consciousness, and transformation. Learning and practicing massage is more than a technical education, it is a life-changing choice to dedicate oneself to a path of service. For most, this means employment in one of the many career fields that are now open to massage therapists. Some of these include jobs in: spas, resorts, salons, hospitals, chiropractic offices, health clubs, sports facilities, workplace massage, and private and group practices. In these venues, our graduates are able to earn a living in a rewarding career in which they are able to help relieve pain, alleviate stress, and help their clients to feel better.

Our Approach

At Blue Ridge School of Massage and Yoga, an atmosphere of respect, trust, compassion, and service is enforced throughout the program. The classroom environment is supportive of the development of students’ focus, grounding, and sensitivity as well as the mastery of the knowledge and techniques of massage therapy.


Small Class Sizes

Our classes are small by design, with class sizes ranging from 6-14 with an average size of 9. Instructors are able to give students ample individual attention in order for the to master the techniques and eventually develop their own capabilities.

Individual Learning Styles

Individual learning styles are supported within our program through use of a variety of teaching aids, methods, and library resources. We employ methods of instruction that help visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. That is, lecture and explanation is coupled with teaching aids, such as charts, models, and notes for the visual learner. The program ties specifically to anatomical study with hands-on bodywork of the area studied, and assisting students who learn best through action.

iPads & iTeachers - Digital Learning Platform

In the Spring of 2014 the Blue Ridge School of Massage & Yoga implemented a digital learning program, to further enhance the school's classroom atmosphere.  Each incoming student will receive an iPad and digital textbooks as part of their digital learning platform, aimed at giving our students the best environment possible for learning.  Students will have access to a variety of apps and programs, all designed to help them to create and manage their practice needs from the start.  Upon graduating, students will be able to use the iPads to manage their businesses, market and promote themselves digitally, and effectively, on the go.



Green Lifestyle

Our school is committed to promoting healthy lifestyle choices and we encourage all students, faculty and staff to live well and to live at peace with themselves and their environment around them.  There are many ways that we do this at our school.  Several of which involve purchasing supplies from small Mom and Pop companies whenever possible, recycling, purchasing eco-friendly cleaning and office products, volunteering in our local communities, and encouraging healthy lifestyle habits.